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Hear me out as to why e Harmony is still worth your hard earned money... Let me explain, as a father of 3 daugthers, he was worried about whether each of them would marry the right guy.

As a result, Neil started to wonder how he could help people do a better job at selecting a life mate.

25% of them were in the very happily married category, the next 25% were in pretty happy but not totally category, the third 25% were not very happy at all but were not ready to quit and the last 25% were in the very discouraged category.

What was even more interesting is this, when he compared the very happily married people with the very discouraged people, these 2 groups had significantly very different answers in 29 catergories of his standard test.

Thus, he hypothesised that if he could bring people together with similar respones in those categories, the likelihood that they would find the ideal partner would soar!

Thus e was launched and their very comprehensive matching system has resulted in over 100,000 marriages!

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And if everybody is as honest as you are with yourself, the answers determine who you will meet eventually. Immediately after you complete the basic information such as your name , your email, if you are a man seeking a women, or women seeking man, a password, your country and how you found them, you are next required to complete the personality profile questionaire filled with 14 categories of questions.

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